System Mechanic 10 Featured Review and Interview

Photo of Box for System Mechanic 10
Review and interview on the New Version
There is something quite nice about unwrapping the sticky plastic protector off a brand new PC. The smell of the new system wafts into your nose as you hook up all the connectors to the colored tabs. Once completed you gently press that power button with hesitation, it’s great feeling.
Seeing that Logo come up on the screen is the first sign that everything is OK and then, slow down mode. We all have to go through it with a Manufacturer’s PC. We have to enter settings, log-in info, name and address for warranty and activation and then countless screens of information to make the experience better. I’ve always felt that this is like opening the doors to a candy shop and holding the kids back until all the lights are on. <Suddenly I am hungry for Candy!??>

Unless you have built a custom PC, you really never get to see your PC working at its optimum. After you have gone through the process of loading all the extra software, trials, help programs and connection wizards – your system is already taking a hit with unneeded and resource hogging software. I really have nothing against the manufacturers of PCs but honestly, they want to give you a ton of software so you’ll be able to boast to your friends and neighbors how many different wonderful things your computer can do.

I spoke with Abbas Mehdi from iolo technologies LLC about the latest System Mechanic software version 10.  The software is designed to optimize the computing experience and give the system a like new feel.  Even for new computers the software can streamline the start up and provide a faster boot time to begin working or playing with your new computer.  Abbas told us of the new licensing plan for the program which now enables the entire home to use the license for System Mechanic 10 .  Technicians in the labs of  iolo technologies recently published a report of the 9 root causes of PC slow down.  From window start-up bottle necks to fragmented system files,  System Mechanic 10 examines these causes and corrects them easily.  Listen to our interview with Abbas Mehdi at and read our review on the same page.

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