Great laptop cooler/stand for notebook computers

We received the USB 3.0 version of the CM Storm Strike Force SF-19 laptop cooler…
Until it’s removed from the box, it’s not apparent how sturdy it is!  Made of plastic, metal mesh, and thick rubber…I expect this can take a beating.
Notebook computers of up to 19-inch notebook can fit on it.  The SF-19 is 1 foot 7 inches wide at its top.  On the left side is a “LED ON/OFF” switch, a “MULTI-LIGHT SHADER” switch…and a speed control for the fans, which can also turn them off.  On the right side is:  the 12 volt power socket, four USB ports, and a port for the the UBS 3.0 cable.  The USB 3.0 cable is supplied to connect the cooler to a computer.  The cable is 3.5 inches long, has a Type A plug at one end, and a Micro-B plug at the other.
Installed in the unit are two 140 mm fans, which can be replaced with 120 mm fans.  Air is blown upwards towards the computer.  To access the fans, turn the SF-19 upside-down and open the access door located on the bottom.  Inside are four power connections for fans, two on each side.
An AC-to-12 volt power adapter is included.
The “MULTI-LIGHT SHADER” switch allows for the activation of seven LED colors that illumate at four locations on the bottom. (Not being an art student I can only identify:  red, green, blue, purple, and what appears to be aqua).
The rubber components of the SF-19 keep computers from slipping off, absorbs shock to protect it from damage, and are designed to assist with cable management.
Often I have complained about how flimsy other laptop platforms for notebook computers are.  The SF-19 is the ultimate solution.

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