Keep your contacts in the Contact Keeper notebooks and planners

Being the self confessed “readaholic” I am, I learned of the Contact Keeper and became curious…

In January, we plan on again going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  When we go to conventions and (trade) shows we meet a lot of people, trade a lot of information, and collect a lot of business cards.  OK…I’m interested…

I contacted them to get more information.  Days later, their products arrived.

The LARGE Contact Keeper (10″ x 12½”) portfolio was designed to be used in meetings.  Thirty letter-sized contact pages are included…

Large open

The MEDIUM Contact Keeper (6¼” x 7½”) is intended to be used during short meetings, and when walking through trade shows.  It includes thirty contact pages…


The SMALL Contact Keeper (2½” x 4″) is carried in a pocket to hold business cards for distribution, and to allow for the collection of them.  Each note pad has thirty adhesive pages that are the size of business cards (so you can make notes and place them on the card).

The LARGE and MEDIUM Contact Keepers have slots on the outside so you can quickly and easily collect business cards.

Refill kits are available. And Contact Keepers can be customized with a business or event logo.

I plan on taking them with us to CES, and putting them to good use…

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  1. Nice Looking Low Tech Solution, I just wonder if everybody is looking at PDA’s on the phone or Tablets to keep track of Contacts? The nice thing about this is only the user needs to be charged up.

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