Philips and O’Neill “Stretch” headphones

A brown, plain box was delivered and then was handed to me.  Sometimes, you never know:  it could be a good thing, or…

It was the Philips | O’Neill Stretch SHO9561 headphones.  And they are a great thing.
Of their new line-up (see below), these are the toughest:  they’re impact, and stress/crack, resistant. “The headband is constructed with TR55 superstretch polymer…ensuring these headphones are extremely tough and flexible.”

Really?  I thought they were making it up.  Until I found:
Klegecell TR 55 High-performance Expanded Polymer Foam Core Material

OK.  It’s for real.  Durability:  “check”…

The Stretch headphones have an open acoustic system with 40 millimeters dynamic drivers to provide clear audio, and very deep bass.  The frequency response is 12 – 24 000 Hz.
The cord connected to the headphones is about 2 inches (50.8 mm) long.  It’s very convenient for when you need/want to disconnect from the source of the audio and move away for an extended distance:  you don’t need to take the headphones off, and take a long cable/cord with you.  A 4 foot (1.2 m) fabric cable is provided.

“Inspired by the latest in ski technology the cable quickly disconnects from the headband whenever the cable is caught”…the 3.5 mm stereo connectors on the cables are reinforced to prevent breakage.

The Stretch headphones have an auto-fit, stretchable, cushioned inner band.  The ear cushions are very soft, and isolate sound so noises outside of the headphones won’t interfere with what you’re trying to listen to.  I wore them for hours, and have no complaints.  I even wore them to dampen the noises that others were making around me…and in the hope that they would see the headphones and not try to talk to me (I wanted to ignore them, and for them to ignore me…it worked).

They are available in “Black Bordeauh” and “Powder White”.


The Snug model doesn’t have the suspension-type, cushioned, inner band.  And could be a better choice for some who tend to wear their hair in a very large “afro” style as I often do (see pictures on our website:

The Covert is an in-ear model with controls for iPhones, and The Specked has tough cords.

Before you go to their website, turn down the volume on your computer speakers.

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