Practically Free Things To Do

Like many of you, I get tired and irritable and just need something to do that is not one of my daily tasks or work related in any way. I usually will break out into an “I’m So Borrrred!” or something like that. Also like many of you I do not have a ton of cash for that dream vacation to the Bahamas or that short jaunt to Greece for my olive oil facial and dreamy Greek masseuse to give it. OK, dreaming aside; Heck! I don’t even have enough time or money to afford to go to El Cheap-O Spa with costs of living rising and my paycheck dwindling.

I have come up with a solution! And it doesn’t involve a ton of cash or anything too fancy at all. Something that will get our minds away from thinking about work or the inescapable tasks and duties of everyday life. DO FREE STUFF! Sound simple? It is.

What can you do when you don’t want to really do anything? Here are 10 things that don’t require you to be a Trump nor travel great distances to have a spectacular time:

1) Go on a picnic. We all have parks, neighborhoods, or yards and we all have to eat. Why not pack up the kids and significant other and go on a picnic? Remember, like the “old” days? Make a basket lunch and spend some time playing at the park or relaxing in the grass. It will not only relax you but will get you out and about in the open air.

2) Catch up on some DVR or Movies. If you’re like me, you haven’t been watching TV a lot lately. Catch up on the latest and greatest. I would highly recommend Big Bang Theory, Outsourced, and Mythbusters but that’s because I am a total geek! The last movie I saw? RED. It was very well put together and I think will hold me over until TRON arrives in December, maybe.

3) Look up some historical sites in your city. Every city has a history, why not check it out? You may be surprised! My city is full of wineries and several historical buildings along with Route 66!

4) Learn something new. The internet is full of vast knowledge and if you are glued to it, like some of us, you can “Google it” or go to the library to find some How-To books. Learn to do Origami, Crochet, Change Your Oil, Whatever you are interested in.

5) Rearrange your house. Move furniture or other things around and see how different you can make it feel. It’s amazing how much this helps. I did this about 3 months ago and my apartment feels much more spacious.

6) Read. Ok, so you are like me and don’t like to read, “War and Peace.” News Flash: You can read whatever you like. That’s the joy of reading. Magazines count too!

7) Research your Family History. Ok most of us run to the internet for this too. Why not talk to relatives and interview them? Take some time to ask about what their life was like and document or record it somehow. Put it together in a family album. My sister and I have decided its that time in our lives to start asking the grandparents about life and are working on putting together a virtual family history book.

8 ) Write. About anything. Go somewhere you are comfortable and write about anything you want. Journals, blog, draws, create poetry, whatever. Writing is not only a good therapy, it’s also neat to go back and see what your life was like on that day and time in the future.

9) Take your pet for a walk. Take a stroll outside in the open air. They will enjoy it and you can get a break from the mundane tasks. I am lucky enough to live close to a dog beach so that is one way we have fun. Dog parks are relaxing for you and you can meet new people from your area. Singles, this is a great way to meet new potential dates!

10) Exercise! Yeah I hate that word too. But really, it’s what we all need more of. Nowadays, we can play video games or just simply go for gander around the neighborhood. If you like sports, play a game or two with some friends or family.

Well, these are 10 relatively easy, mindless, and fun things to do if you need some time to get away or just can’t think of anything new to do. Let us know if you decide to try ‘em out!

2 thoughts on “Practically Free Things To Do”

  1. I love it except you used that bad word…Exercise…is that something I can do on the Wii? Or wait, now the Konect? And whats up with Microsoft Spelling it that way, now I have to load that into all my spell checkers.

    Actually, I have been really intriqued by #7. I’ve been talking to people lately that have been finding they have had interesting backgrounds. I also love #1 – A Picnic is always a blast. I love feeding the ducks and just chilling out. I think I am going to take this challange next week, starting on Monday and Do one of these a day. I will post pics here.

    Now, will you do the same Rayven!!?

  2. Yes, in fact I used to exercise on the Wii daily until I had to give it away. The Xbox” Kinect ” you mean? HA! Yes, I googled it to find correct spelling, well it’s kinda neat except I am the only person in history without an XBox. The PS move will do however whenever the price comes down from Jupiter. Haven’t heard anything review wise on Kinect but it iooks pretty cool! Me? HA! Disneyland is usually my home away from home but that is a costly investment some fear. I should really do a tally of what it costs to g and buy things vs regular life entertainment. Most would be surprised it isn’t really all that expensive as everyone thinks. I think my favorite FREE thing to do is go to the Dog Beach. Lately it has not been easy to get out of the house because of the rain. I, however will never back down from a challenge! YOU’RE ON! 🙂

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