Upstaging the Gifts this Holiday Season

Photo of Andy Taylor holding a Prank Pack
Andy Taylor with the CoffeeTalkies Prank Pack

Nothing says loving, like a great holiday prank. The receiving end of a prank can be funny for the person pulling it off and in some cases, a bit of an embarrassment for those falling prey to it. I think most of us have seen the video on American Funniest Home Videos of the poor saps that scratched off a Lottery Ticket thinking they Won thousands only to be slapped with the realization it was a prank. I always felt sorry for those people thinking of how in their heads they had already spent the money and had those dreams taken from them of buying just about anything they wanted. I bet you a Wooden nickle that some of those had dreamt of taking those lotto winnings and developing products in the garage such as the Pet Petter or with today’s technology, the iArm. 

These are just a couple of products that have already been created though, at least in the minds of Ryan Dolan and Arick Nordby. These inventive geniuses behind the Company 30 Watt have created a Wonderful gift idea for that holiday season that could even upstage the gifts themselves. Prank Pack’s are boxes, and just that – boxes, that feature some of the most outrageous gift ideas imaginable. When we featured a few of the boxes during the TechtalkRadio Webcast, we had a few comments in the chat room of “How Cool” and “Why Didn’t I think of That!?” to the formidable Scooby Doo “Huuuuhhh?” 

Photo of the iArm and Pet Petter Prank Pack Boxes
Two fo Our Favorite Prank Packs

Imagine receiving a Gift Box with the Contents indicated to be a pair of  Swiss Navy Coffee Talkies with a 1200 Foot Range. Everything about the boxes feels real and not unlike anything you could pick up off the shelf next to the Camo Snuggie. The Prank Pack ships flat, similar to a New Year Calendar and can be opened easily to store almost anything from a pair of Socks to a shirt to even another box holding an iPad (Hint Hint). The Boxes construct to about 11.5 inches long, close to 9 inches across and almost 3.5 inches deep. Everything about these Prank Packs screams authentic with some of the most absurd but realistic photos and graphics on them. When the receiver opens either end of the box, they are greeted with the official prank. This isn’t a mean spirited prank, it is really designed to get a good laugh and that it does. 

The Creativity doesn’t stop with these guys as they have recently introduced the latest Prank Pack, good for the Entire family, the Family Blankeez. Great to cover a Family of eight or a Medium size SUV.  Again, while the idea sounds like a winner, it’s a Prank Pack!  From the Beer Beard to the iArm to the nine inventive and fun Prank Packs priced at just around 8 bucks, this will be one of the most shared and talked about gifts under the tree or at the Company Gift Exchange. For more info and to see some of the different Prank Packs available, take a look at or the company behind it all 30Watt at 

Photo of the Family Blankeez Prank Pack
The Prank Pack Family Blankeez

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