Sprint Says No Android 2.3 For HTC EVO 4G…Yet.

After doing a fairly thorough search of the interweb, I discovered that there have been a plethora of answers to the question “when will my HTC EVO 4G (on the Sprint Network) receive the next version of Android, 2.3?”

But none of those posted appeared to be ‘official’ or actually FROM either Sprint or HTC.

So I wrote to Sprint customer service this morning and surprisingly received a rather candid answer in the afternoon!

And this is what Sprint Customer Service had to say:

“Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding Android 2.3 version.”

“At present, we are only offering Android 2.2 Froyo version for the HTC
EVO phone.”

“We keep on upgrading our phone’s software time to time. Right now, I am
unable to inform when the Android 2.3 Ginger software version will be
available for our customers. Whenever the new software update is
available, you will be able to see the information on our website

“For further information, you can always call Sprint Technical Support at
1-888-211-4727 and follow the technical prompts. Our representative will
be happy to help you. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your

While this news isn’t what I wanted to hear, it isn’t a decisive and devastating ‘NO!’ either…and if you want to filter the above first-hand experience through the hopes and wishes of other posters, it would appear to be popular OPINION that we EVO users will ‘feel the love’ sometime before Android 2.4 becomes the ‘standard’ on newly released smart phones.

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