Cobra bluetooth mono and stereo headsets for phones

I have long been a fan of products from Cobra…I’ve used many, many of their CB radios.  (Oh, yeah…I still remember my license issued to me from the FCC…)

I like headsets.  I mean REAL “headsets”.  Always have.  Their boom microphones are much better at gathering sound from the mouth…because they’re directly in front of it.  And, they can ignore ambient noise.


The Cobra CBTH8 Bluetooth Headset also has noise-cancelling technology.  Talk-time is up to 20 hours long, and standby-time can be as much as 400 hours (that’s at least 16 days).  It charges via a USB port, and a 12 volt car adapter is included.

OK…so maybe you’re more of an “earpiece person”…

The Cobra CBTH5 goes beyond that by providing mono…AND stereo…capability.  It can be used as a mono, one piece unit…and an extra earpiece is included that attaches to the main transceiver to provide stereo functionality.

Talk-time and music-streaming time is up to 5 hours; standby-time is up to 300 hours (at least 12 days).  This bluetooth unit weighs only 0.40 ounces.  It charges via a USB port, and a 12-volt vehicle charger is included.



I posted this review on 2011 June 1…today, June 28.  I noticed that the CBTH5 is opening:  the casing at the rear/back of the device has seperated.  And, it will no longer power-on.

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