One of those Ideas that will Raise some Eyebrows?

I am sure this has to be one of those ideas that has come along that will raise some eyebrows and cause a few groups to come forward and lay claims of the objectifying of Women for having scantilly clad (Usually means wearing anything from a two piece to a fig leaf but in this case, bikinis) women giving us DIY people a chance watch and learn.

http://www.eyehandy is a site that has launched with Videos featuring Models or maybe experts in their field giving viewers a hands off demo of how to do everything from regripping golf clubs to how to replace a kitchen faucet. While at first glance it could easily be assumed this site would be geared at Males but could the braintrust behind this also have the idea some women may watch and pick up tips from somebody who will explain the process in easy to understand terms.

This is probably one of those ideas some may wonder why they didn’t think of it first but the idea has existed in advertising for years. Do you really think those Victoria Secrets Ads are for Women to pick out the finest in Silk undergarments? The music in the Videos and pacing reminds me of those workout videos from the late 70’s early 80’s which I am not sure had men or even women working out alongside. If advertisers jump on board with products featured to help these experts create or build, could it be product placement at its finest?

The founder of EyeHandy is 26 year old Alex Merrimen who lives out in Las Vegas and with Mukundh Pandian create the content and manage the site. Merriman in the About Us on the Company Website stated that he wanted to creat videos with a “more informative teaching approach”

Whether informative or good clean fun, the site is sure to not only have some traffic over the next few weeks to view the current 15 videos in rotation. I myself am waiting for the How to Sew a Button Video, that is something I truly need to learn. For more information, Check out

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