Review: “C6 Screen Cleaners”

So…I get an e-mail message…

“…The new carbon-based cleaning system won’t damage your expensive glass and revolutionizes the way people clean their lenses…”

Yeah. Whatever.

It arrived…and I am…impressed!

The Carson Optical “C6 Screen Cleaners” press release states: “…The dry compound bonds with the oils left behind by your skin, then simply wipes away leaving a sparkling clean surface.” I also received a pack of two of the CS-50. They look like USB flash drives that you can put on lanyards, but the pad is retractable into the casing.

I always carry clean handkerchiefs…in Arizona, you sweat (a lot). I also use them to clean my reading glasses, and sunglasses. And, I’ve been satisfied with using them to clean glass-like surfaces and screens. OK. Let me see how good this thing is…gone! I used one and ALL of the greasy, streaky, smudgy stuff on the touchscreen of my phone was gone! It’s clean…it’s clear…I’m shocked.

CS-50 – Screen Cleaners, 2-pack. Cleaning system for tablets & smart phones

(The CS-60 is designed to be used with tablet computers…at the time of this writing, I cannot find it on their website.)

The CS-10, CS-20, and CS-40 are similar to the shape and sizes of markers. CS-30, CS-70, and CS-80 are packages of disposable cleaners….the CS-70 also includes a brush for use with camera and binocular lenses.

Yep…this stuff works.  You might want to get a couple and keep in your pocket, purse, or bag…

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