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Other press releases you might find interesting are promoting:

Audible and Amazon Introduce “Immersion Reading” and “Whispersync for Voice”—Two Momentous Steps Forward for Reading

Introducing “X-Ray for Movies,” Powered by IMDb and Available Exclusively on the All-New Kindle Fire Family

Amazon Publishing Introduces Kindle Serials—Great Stories, One Episode at a Time

Amazon and EPIX Announce New Prime Instant Video Agreement – Prime Instant Video Selection has more than Doubled since the Launch of Kindle Fire Last Year

Amazon Announces Expanded Prime Instant Video Agreement with NBCUniversal Cable & New Media Distribution

Amazon Brings Award Winning ESPN 30 for 30 Film Series to Prime Instant Video

Amazon Launches Textbook Rental

Amazon Instant Video App Now Available for iPad

On Prime Instant Video First: Amazon Announces Digital Video License Agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, Bringing Acclaimed TV Shows

Exclusively to Kindle Fire and Prime Customers

Hundreds of Classic TV and Movie Titles from MGM Coming to Prime Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video Now Available on Xbox 360, with Access to ‘Your Video Library’ and Prime Instant Video

Hundreds of Critically-Acclaimed and Blockbuster Films from Paramount Pictures Coming to Prime Instant Video

They can be found at


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