Free calls available to some businesses via Skype

First, I alway like to indetify when a product or feature is in the “beta” stage of development, and this is one of them.  (“Beta” means that it is not fully supported, and that there can be unforseen problems…the user is a tester.)

Skype Click to Call is feature that allows calls to Skype Names and numbers on some websites, after a plug-in has been installed.  Numbers that are labeled “FREE” are able to be called for free.

When using the Microsoft Windows disk operating system, the browsers that support the plug-in are:  Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.  For the Apple Mac, Safari can be used.

Those interested in participating in Skype Click to Call as a business or advertiser using Skype can get more information at

Skype Click to Call can be downloaded from

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