Automatic – New Product We are Really Wanting to Look At!

Automatic Logo
Logo for Automatic

I just caught wind of a product that will tie your smartphone to your car! It’s from a company called Automatic and looks pretty promising. I took a look at the website and the device itself sells for about $99. It will tie to your phone and give you insights in your gas, driving habits, places visited and i am certain some other cool features.

Automatic Device with Smartphone
Automatic Device with Smartphone

Similar in look to the devices that Car Insurance companies have been using to report your driving habits and sometimes save money on your premiums (Thanks Flo…), the Automatic plugs in to your cars OBD (On Board Diagnostic Port) which you will find equipped on most vehicles starting around 1996 and can relate information on Where you Parked? Driving practices that could save you money and even engine diagnostics.

You’ll need to have a smartphone with Bluetooth, a cool idea! Hopefully we will get our hands on one but in the meantime, the folks at Automatic would like you to see this video

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