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Mobile Edge Line of Products
A Photo of Mobile Edge Products featured during TechtalkRadio on KMSB Fox 11

When traveling with the laptop it can be sometimes cumbersome to carry all of the components and still sport style and personality.  Many of the laptop bags and totes on the market have a very industrial look to them and scream laptop! For many women that like to accessorize and have stylish designs this can be a bit of a challenge to find.

MobileEdge has the solution with its recent introduction of a Herringbone design of a laptop bag which not only looks good but is very functional. The company backs the design and function with a Lifetime Warranty. Inside the line, users will find 3 different types of bags. A Small Design which retails for around 99.99 and features room for ultra portables, padding in the compartment for safer travel with the device, an additional poly fur lined pocket for the addition of a tablet or iPad, a separate accordion file section and a matching clutch for a variety of accessories. I loved the fact that the bag also includes a zip down workstation which allows access to cell phones, memory sticks and even a place to store keys. It is a great solution to a mobile office and having the needed items on hand.

The Larger version fits some of the larger laptops, desktop replacements and the features listed above. The SRP for the larger bag is only an increase of about 20.00 from the small bag. If you are looking for a simple but stylish solution for your Ultra or tablet, Mobile Edge also carries a tote designed for around for a SRP of 59.99. Even with its smaller size, this tote still features a mobile workstation inside of it for easy access to cell, memory cards, pens and even keys. The tote features a front pouch for carrying magazines and material for the traveler. We find the same back type pocket on the small and large bags as well.

MobileEdge also produces products for Men as well as some awesome accessories for the mobile user . We found products from a USB 10 Key Keyboard add on to a mobile power add on for your car.

Take a look at the Herringbone Collection and others at

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