Tucson Radio Shacks Listed in Closings

Over the past few years, Business Experts have been trying to predict how long Radio Shack was going to stay in the game with retail locations in Malls as well as Free Standing Stores.  Radio Shack has rolled with the punches over changes in technology and continued to adapt however it seems those days of Radio Shack as the GoTo for that last minute electronic are dwindling.

ABC News reported today the first Wave of Closures could begin as early as February 17th 2015. This will usually mean sales on everything from In Store Items to fixtures. Years ago when CompUSA did its closures I purchased a Computer Worktable from the Stores Tech Department, the best $75 I’ve spent.

Tucson Arizona, according to a Document filed on the 5th of this month, will lose 3 stores in the first Tranche – Golf Links, 3927 Grant and Tanque Verde. A Second wave of Tranches will take out The Tucson Mall location along with the Oro Valley store. a Third Tranche should bring the total number of closures to 1784.

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