The Microsoft Hidden Easter Egg!

Happy 8 Bit Day from Microsoft, One of the ways the company is celebrating is by letting you find the Hidden Egg! I remember playing with my son Ricardo on old 8 Bit Games and he always knew the Codes to find the Easter Eggs and yes, The Cheats!! Here ya go –

Go to and click in the Search Bar in the Top Left, Once There, press the up arrow key then up arrow again, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, and finally enter the B and the A and hit return.

Watch for the 8-Bit T-rex at the Bottom of the Screen,  then three coins which can be dragged to a slot that will appear saying insert coins (How many of these did we spend in Arcades)

It will provide you some links to games! Now, you can also visit our Main Page at – Click on the Listen Live graphic, then select Menu, you will see a Joystick there where you can play some cool games as well!

Happy 8-Bit Day!


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