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Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy discuss the location of another Amazon facility and how both Tucson and Denver would love to have the company locate to their respective cities. With the numbers of Porch Thefts after deliveries increasing, the guys share some solutions on accepting deliveries. Justin shares info on a company, however isn’t sure on the practicality of the device. Andy shares some info on a service from the Postal service

Andy shares a campaign for Paper, Packaging and traditional card sending called How Life Unfolds Bill sends a question in regarding Roku vs. Amazon Fire Stick, He is looking for an option to put a browser on the device. Andy affirms he listens to Justin with his recent move to Bitcoin, purchase of Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Prime. Did you get a new 4k Television? How can you check out 4k Content? The My Pillow Guy is amazing in High Definition. 

Sue asks for help in cutting the Cord and wants to understand the proper antenna for watching channels over the air. Justin shares the Site TV Fool, which can help answer some of the questions in regards to what you could watch with the proper antenna.

Andy discusses the Google Pixel 2 XL provided by Verizon and some of the great features. Concern over the Heat generated while charging the device as well as stories of OLED Burn in. The iPhone X is here and most of the reviews are positive with emphasis on the camera and speed. Why are people smashing them? iOS 11.1 has an issue with typing the letter I, (This Week Apple issued a fix) – A Quick fix was to turn of Auto Correct. Do you use Emojis? When are they Appropriate? A New Luxury hotel designed for the Gamer in Taiwan! This could cause some issues on Honeymoons.

Andy is Angry at Laptop manufacturers that have elected to remove user serviceable areas for Hard Drive upgrades and Memory. Even with this information, this is considered one of the best times to purchase a laptop and digital cameras.

Our Website of the week is just for curious fun, Spend Bill Gates Money!

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