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Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio

Andy Taylor has been in Broadcasting for over 20 years. His beginnings in radio could be said to actually have begun in his room at the young age of 10. While his parents didn’t purchase a transmitter for him, they made sure Andy had a tape recorder and a AM/FM radio. With that Radio, Andy would sit in his room late at night and make tapes and listen to far away AM Radio Stations. After having almost 50 jobs trying to find his place in society, life brought him back to that tape recorder and radio with a job as a nightclub DJ in a Bowling Alley.

Not to long into his DJ venture on the Lanes, he ran into Craig Powers, A Program Director for then Top40 KEZY in Anaheim who told Andy to take a look at the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Fountain Valley. It was there that Andy decided that Radio and TV was what he wanted to pursue.

After graduating, Andy got hired on at KCMJ-AM in Palm Springs running the Country Countdown show on Vinyl. One week later he moved to KCMJ-FM to host overnights and paid his dues for the next couple of years until crossing the street to KPSI-FM for a Swing Shift Fill in spot. Within a few months Andy was hired on to Co-Host the KPSI-FM Morning Show with Barry Donovan and the Palm Springs Duo Barry and Andy was formed. The show had record ratings and continued in Palm Springs til 2000 when the show moved to Tucson.

Somewhere in between this all, in 1996, Andy was able to begin Techtalk With Mike and Andy, now TechtalkRadio with Long Time friend Mike O’Brien. Andy continues his love for radio and technology with TechtalkRadio and the programming on TechtalkRadio.Com. Andy enjoys spending time with his family and scanning the World Wide Web for technology news as well as creating websites and Video Productions for Businesses and individuals.

Andy joined the Tucson News Now Team as Tech Correspondent early in 2007 and hosted a weekly segment on the latest gadgets and technology,  He now host the segment on KMSB Fox 11 Tucson on a Bi-Weekly basis.

Andy has also been heard as a technology correspondent on WKRZ-FM’s Rocky & Sue in the Morning, Scott Sloan on WSPD and other stations talking about and presenting technology users can benefit from. Andy also writes columns on Technology for other various publications and participates in many charity events as well as performing Morning Radio Wake up duties at KGVY Green Valley and Afternoons at KHIT 107.5 Tucson.

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