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Sony Vegas Pro 10 – What’s New

A Box Shot of the Sony Vegas Pro 10 Software
Sony Vegas Pro 10

Andy Taylor spoke with Sony Creative Software Product Manager for Sony Vegas Pro 10 Matthew Brohn this afternoon about some of the new features and updates in the Video Editing program. One of the most unique featured added is the ability within the program to edit videos shot in Stereoscopic 3D. This is becoming a trend in specialty productions and Sony has this capability to edit and fine tune the process in the program.

Matthew shared with Andy some of the features involving the Open Effects architecture for plug-in effects that should see strong support from developers and writers of effects plug-ins. Audio is also another major part of the Video Editing program with integration of Digital Surround Sound 5.1 and effects which can be worked into the Master Edit list. Speaking of that, if you have used previous version and wanted to know if your edit list can be supported, the answer according to Matthew is yes. Sony engineers took an edit list from 1999 and imported that list into the current Vegas Pro 10 with no problems.

Tune in for the segment with TechtalkRadio’s Andy Taylor and Sony Creative Softwares Matthew Brohn and find out how you can try out Sony Vegas Pro 10 for 30days Free and have access to support for question during your trial.

May the Fez Be With You

Andy Taylor at TechtalkRadio has posted an interview with The Force behind Artist Jason Rodgers talked with Andy about the original idea for the e-commerce site that showcases Custom Fez Creations and how in 1990-91 it really wasn’t viable to just promote over the BBS. Several years later, the artist had not given up on the thoughts of creating his Fez designs and put them on a website he created.

A Photo of a Custom Fez from Fez-O-Rama.Com
Custom Fez Designs at Fez-O-Rama

Jason also shared hurdles and concerns when he started up the site but also ways he was able to develop using Open Source software. The idea for success lays in the fact that Jason understands that the market is not only going to come from the surrounding area but also from a worldwide audience of potential buyers. Using the Social Networking of Twitter and Facebook not only allows the marketer to connect with the potential shopper but also form friendships with like minded artist.

Whether it be a different Fez or a complete custom for your event or happening, Jason Rodgers has carved out a pretty strong following and it’s all due to his craft and to the power of the fez.  Listen in to the interview with Jason at

Photoshop Achieves One Million Fans on Facebook

Andy Taylor talked with Maria Yap of Adobe Systems on the Milestone announcement that Facebook had surpassed One Million Fans on the popular Social Networking Site Facebook. Maria is the Director of Product Management for Adobe Digital Imaging at Adobe Systems and told TechtalkRadio’s Andy Taylor ““We weren’t expecting this to happen so quickly!”  The company is still in celebration mode from it’s 20th Anniversary of the Photoshop product as well as the launch earlier this year of the latest version in its CS5 Line. Adobe also released last month the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements latest versions.

Maria told TechtalkRadio that the company will be having some fun with the Facebook page to celebrate the fan base with giveaways, slide shows of work created with Adobe Photoshop and even more content for tips and tricks in using the powerful software. Andy noted to Maria that Adobe Photoshop has become synonymous with the idea of taking an image and “fixing” it. Often you hear in Television Shows and Movies a character will say “we’ll throw it in photoshop and they’ll never know” 

Listen in to our interview with Maria Yap from Adobe Systems at

If you are on Facebook, check out these other Facebook Fan/Like pages.!/PHOTOSHOP

Outsourced – Interview with Actor Rizwan Manji

Photo of the Actor Rizwan Manji interviewed at TechtalkRadio
Actor Rizwan Manji as Rajiv Gidwani

Andy Taylor has posted an interview at TechtalkRadio with Actor Rizwan Manji on his role in the NBC Television Series “Outsourced” The Television series based around the 2006 Movie “Outsourced” is the story of Todd, a Manager Trainee who is told if he wants to keep his job, he must Move to India and run the Call Center for the Company he works for. Todd, played by Actor Ben Rappaport, inherits a varied group of individuals to train to take calls from the United States for orders for a Novelty Company.

Rizwan Manji plays Todds Nemisis Rajiiv who one day hopes to have Todd’s job so that he can move out of his parents place and afford a place of his own. Similar to a “Frank Burns” type character, Rajiiv has something about him that is laughable yet loveable. Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio talked with him about working on the show and how the show itself and others that are seen on Network Television may be signaling a change for East Indian actors.

Taylor also received a tip during the segment on a good restaurant in Artesia! Tune in a listen to the interview with Rizwan Manji of Outsourced at

CNBC Interviewed at TechtalkRadio

CNBC Writer and Blogger talks with Andy Taylor
CNBC's Cindy Perman talks with Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor this morning talked with CNBC Writer and Blogger for There’s a Pony in Here Somewhere Cindy Perman.  Andy and Cindy discussed the latest Job Trends in the United States along with the best location for not only Tech Jobs but other jobs as well. Cindy also shared some fun facts about the Top Six Companies to work for and why Google and Ning rate highly on the job ladder.

Cindy also talked about the state of the job market in TechtalkRadio’s Home State of Arizona and how it compares to other area in the country. We did find that if you are looking for gainful employment in the Defence sector, Washington DC is averaging about one job per applicant which makes it a market to watch.

You can listen to the entire interview on the website at

You can also view Cindy’s Blog at

Carry C3PO on your Back!

Andy Taylor from TechtalkRadio talked with PR manager Shane Peterman of  the website ThinkGeek.Com  about a couple of new products which are based on items with the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back theme. Fully Licensed and guaranteed to get some laughs, Shoppers at Think Geek can choose from a Wampa Rug or a C3PO Backpack.

The Wampa Rug can provide a large area to rest and stay warm inside next to a fireplace after a cold day on the Ice Planet of Hoth. In one of the press photos for the Wampa Rug, a model in a Leia looking Metal Bikini was seen lounging on the rug. It looks a lot better then lounging around on Jabba’s Gut. The Rug itself measures 62″ and 32″ wide. The Site, which is in tune with Geeks wants and Tech Needs is quick to add on the item description

“Important Note:
Unfortunately you only get the Wampa rug. Slave Leia is NOT included and we double-dare you to make any comments about how she isn’t featured until the next movie.  “

A Smart note considering the passion for accuracy from Star Wars “Experts.” 


A Photo of the C3PO Backpack
C3PO BackPack from ThinkGeek

Andy Taylor also talked with Shane about the C3PO Backpack which can be worn and used to carry netbooks, iPads and other Mobile Devices. The scene is reminiscent of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back when C3PO is found by Chewbacca before the golden droid hits the trash compactor. Chewbacca straps the Droid to his back and hilarity ensues!  Andy Taylor commented that “George Lucas is a marketing genius, but I don’t even think he imagined this as a backpack!” Fans of C3PO will be happy to know that when you’re not strapping him to your back, you can even reassemble the plush leatherette droid and sit him up to watch reruns of the Star Wars series on Cable!

Shane Peterman of ThinkGeek shared some information on the process from Thought to Sale and what some of the most recent biggest sellers have been. The question is also answered – Star Wars or Star Trek!? Listen in at

Andy Taylors talks with 12Seconds Founder Sol Lipman

Photo Used by Permission - Justin Korn
12seconds co-founder Sol Lipman

The news was bittersweet for one of the founders of 12seconds. The decision came today to let the public know that 12Seconds was going to cease operations on October 22nd. The site which had become popular with video users that wanted to share 12 second video clips in a social networking type environment just didn’t seem to catch on as big as Twitter or Facebook. Some compared the site to Twitter which limits post to 140 characters. Andy talked with Sol Lipman about how 12Seconds may have been before it’s time and if development will continue in applications for mobile video content sharing. Listen to the interview at

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD

Box Shot of the Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD
Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD

  Craig shared with TechtalkRadio about the new features of this Suite including a Plugin called the Move It Plug-In which gives users the ability to move content such as Music and photos as well as Video files to and from mobile devices easily. This feature is found in the MediaHub, a part of the new Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD. Andy also found out about some new templates and a Creative Collection Pack that is available in not just the Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD but also the new Nero Video Premium HD.

Andy Taylor talked this afternoon with Craig Campbell, Technical Director at Nero on the companies announcement last week of two new products for the Multimedia Enthusiast which will be available later this month.


“With more consumers adopting Blu-Ray capable video cameras, this is a great solution for those looking for ease of use as well as step throughs in accomplishing various task’s which might have  previously been geared strictly at the professional user” says Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio. Tune in to listen to the interview with Craig Campbell of Nero and learn how you can take the two software releases “Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD ” or “Nero Video Premium HD” for a test drive. Be sure also to listen in for information on the set of tools that can assist on backup and restoring data with the “Suite within a Suite” Nero’s Back It Up and Burn which is also available in the Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD. 

Check out the Interview at

Diedrich Bader on TechtalkRadio

Season 1 - Outsourced - Diedrich Bader as Charlie Davies
Diedrich Bader - Outsourced

Andy has posted an interview with some information on Actor Diedrich Bader at TechtalkRadio.Com. In the interview segment, Diedrich talks not only about the show of NBC called ‘Outsourced” which is based on the Movie but also about his voice work in Batman The Brave and the Bold. And yes, Diedrich recorded an “drop” for TechtalkRadio – One as Diedrich Bader from NBC’s Outsourced and the other as Batman!

Check out the interview at

TechtalkRadio Blog Authors

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