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RangeLog “offers an App for Android and soon for the iPhone that is is used by shooters for tracking performance details related to live-fire training, competition scores, dry-fire practice and firearm maintenance. They have a free version you can download and test out as well as an advanced feature paid version.”

Check them out at:

Gandalfdjh has personally used this for over a year with great results. Very stable application. I was also a beta tester for the Android version; which operates very well on the Android platform.


Soluto Solves Slow Startups

A quick trip to the Soluto “Anti-Frustration Software” site, an 80 second video, a small download and an easy install, netted this user over a 25% savings on start up times to an already speedy system!


The entire process is quite intuitive and user friendly, offering both beginner and advanced options to guide you step-by-step. With the end results listing all the programs that run at start up and exactly how long it actually takes.

As you can see above, my system took a little over two minutes to load, with 80 applications running AT BOOT UP (I had no idea).

The green section shows “No-brainer” applications to remove from the boot up list…to be delayed or paused to be more precise, and hovering over any of the slices reveals a drop drown information window that tells you how long that program is taking to load up, the name of the program and a recommendation to either pause or delay that program on future start ups.

After spending a couple of minutes deciding to either delay a program or pause it all together, I restarted my computer shaved off nearly 30 seconds from previous start ups.

Soluto‘s goal is “ to bring an end to the frustrations PC users encounter”; however, there are so many different programs, with so many different people – who have various levels of skill – being used in so many different configurations, that the task itself seems overwhelming…Enter: The PC Genome project.

“Soluto’s PC Genome is a knowledgebase of PC frustration data built automatically through the usage of Soluto software. Its objective and statistical information, gathered and analyzed by Soluto, is also editable by the community.”

Included in this beta version is even an option to let Soluto know when you’ve been the victim of some computer operation or lack there of. You simply right click on the Soluto icon in the systray, and click on “My PC just frustrated me” and the program sends a report back to the PC Genome project, with ‘Frustration Suspects’ that will be analyzed and ‘mapped’ in order to provide a future solution.

Who knows, maybe one day soon, we will live an a frustration free world…but until then, there’s always Call of Duty or Whack-a-mole for a therapeutic outlet. ~ DDTG

I Spy Something That Begins With “W”

Unlike many of my Disneyland Blogs, this is NOT one of them . BUT, read on and find out what I have been pondering….

So, I was searching the Internet reading Disney Blogs, Disneyland Twitter, looking for TRON exclusive updates  and playing with my boyfriend’s new Daft Punk  inspired Android App when I came across something interesting. A website proclaiming it can track and monitor your child’s internet use including screen caps of their web pages, content filters, keystroke loggers  records of IM conversations and even live viewing of their current business on the Internet.  This website sounds pretty user friendly and parent kind.  So I begin to think to myself, ” Self,” I ask ” What would keep a spouse from using the software for purposes of catching a cheater in the relationship?” And this is when I visited the website.

I’d like to start by adding a disclaimer: I have not experienced this web program which proclaims the services to be top notch and  have viewed only the content on the website for the product.

Upon clicking the link to the site, I noticed that it proposes many uses other than the advertised version I previously explained. In fact, it seems more like a “spying” software program which is being marketed to government agencies to record and log information from workers, at Schools to record information about teachers and student’s use of the Internet, and low and behold ” Catch a Cheating Spouse” software. Now, I am sure all of these uses  are part of the same program, but how funny was it that I thought of this after looking into the program that was being marketed to parents to spy on their kids? HA!

So, the reason I chose to write this blog was simple. I , like many  in my close inner circle of Geeks and Freaks, have a moral dilemma on my hands. IF I had children, which “technically” I do not, and IF they were using the Internet would I choose to monitor them digitally without their knowledge using this program? Likewise, IF you thought you had a cheating significant other, would you do the same? I don’t think I would. So I leave you with this to ponder and respond as you have free will. Maybe someone is watching you? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

IF you want to check out the site or test the software out for yourself the Program is called Web Watcher and it’s located at

The Mod Nation

Being an avid Harley Davidson fan and rider, last night I went in search of adding some more pictures/images to my profile on myspace (like I don’t have enough… LOL) –… In my quest to find some more photos, I stubbled upon a website that personalizes gaming cases… it’s a Harley Davidson 100 Years Game Case from The Mod Nation. I also saw that they had another “camo” gaming case… One day I would like to own one, if not both, of these cases for myself.

In researching some more information about “The Mod Nation”, I came to found out that the owners were two good friends that merged their two companies into one (Kikboxes and MNPCtech), forming “The Mod Nation, One Nation Under Mod.”

The History
Kikboxes started with a single project. During the summer of 2005 Stu King set out on a quest to build a pimped computer for the LAN group he was involved with. Until that time he had never considered the idea of expressing his artistic talents on a computers case. A web designer by trade, Stu had always used web design as his artistic outlet until the day his friend Matt (now business partner) put together a new system in a gleaming red RaidMax case. The idea of building a system as art was very appealing to him because of its great mix of mediums.

That summer, Stu started his first official project, the BooomBox, and never looked back. The BooomBox is a Wave Master case powder coated and polished to perfection. Much research was put into each mod and part integrated into the project. During his research Stu found MNPCtech right in his own backyard. Bill and Stu got together one evening to swap parts and the rest is history. Bill and Stu began trading phone calls to talk about computers, processes, the industry and modding culture.

Upon completion of the BooomBox Stu started getting calls and emails from other modders looking for powder coating services, parts and advice. Recognizing a good business opportunity, Stu brought his good friend Matt Kelly on board to assist in building the business.

Stu began to rapidly explore many areas of modding including airbrushed designs, mass production and even stealth PCs. Over the years Stu has worked with many artists whom he now counts among his friends. Many of these talented people have been featured in his projects from airbrushing, to sculpture, to powder coating. Kikboxes body of work has grown rapidly and exhibits a wide array of ideas, processes and techniques.

In 2006, Kikboxes was commissions to design the enclosure for a line of wireless routers and later that year, was incorporated. Since that time Kikboxes has begun creating custom cases for, produced a line of production cases (The Modjitsu) and has begun building a presence on eBay selling cases, custom painted mice, wheels and more.

Partnering with his good friend and fellow modder Bill Owen (MNPCtech), Stu has contributed to the rapid rise of The Mod Nation. A project devoted to their work and the mission of nurturing the modding community, The Mod Nation promises to be the driving force that pushes the craft of modding beyond the realm of the hobbyist and into the domain of the artist and professional.

Kikboxes Custom Computer Craft has only begun to explore computers as art. Look for more great projects and products in 2007 and beyond. MOD FOR LIFE!

You can check out “The Mod Nation” at or on myspace at
Photos for the “Camo” case:

Photos for the “Harley Davidson 100 Years” Case