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Show from 09/17/2016 Some Charging Tips without all the Smoke!

  • In this Weeks Segment from 09/17/2016 – Andy, Slick and Justin talk about the Note 7 and the Recall of the device – (Since this show was recorded the Recall was Official)
    The guys talk about the threat of charging devices and why your devices should be monitored when charging. With the thought in mind, the guys share some ideal charging suggestions and why they shouldn’t be plugged in overnight. Why Samsung had to shift marketing focus quickly and why Lenovo is focusing on Skipping the 7s.
  • Slick shares what grinds his gears when it comes to batteries in smartphones. Next to using a smartphone as a phone, the guys share what are the most important features for the team.
    Andy Taylor talks about the Lenovo MotoMod from Hasselblad, True Zoom which can help turn the smartphone into a feature filled digital camera for the end user. Slick challenges Justin on a comment regarding iTunes Digital Rights Management of music purchased through the iTunes Store.
  • Andy Taylor discusses the idea behind The Digital Dark age and why we shouldn’t get rid of our paper, photos, music CD’s, DVD’s. Tivo is bought out by Rovi for 1.1B and changes
    its name to Tivo. The new Tivo Bolt with 4k and 3TB of Data storage is talked about. What do you need to make the Tivo Bolt work on your Cable System. How do you find out what to sell your used hardware for? Listener Gilbert asks. What should somebody do with a Hard Drive in their system before they donate or sell it. Dban Dariks Boot and Nuke is noted as a program to make drives unrecoverable.
  • App and Website of the Week is a simple tough game from potoandcabenga from Armor Games

This Weeks Radio Show Now Available!

In this Weeks Radio Show, We talk about the Apple Event 2016 with the Unveiling of the new collaborative iWorks, The Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS and the Series 1 with a lower price point. Although without GPS it’s now available for starting around 269. We also look at Apples Role in Connected Classrooms and why maybe this went in a different direction over the past decade. Apple commits to the ConnectED program which is directing Apple technology to the classroom. We couldn’t talk about the Apple Event and not cover iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, much of the focus is on the lack of a headphone port and not towards the fast processor or dual cameras with some nice features we will see with iOS 10, either way, we discuss this and more in this weeks show!

— Andy

New Sprint Service Comes to you!

Wcar01_smallith the 1st Roll-out of the New Sprint Direct 2 You service today in Kansas City and 2nd and 3rd planned for Chicago and Miami, the potential for Jobs and a better experience when transferring your phone data – Sprint believes we could see up to 5000 Direct 2 You positions created by the end of the year.

Read More on the Service along with a informative Q&A from Sprint on our site at


Nice to Know its There!

restoreIt’s been a while since I have worked with a “Rack System” or computer that comes from a manufacturer such as Dell or HP. Most of the time when I am working on a system it may be one I have built or am in the process of building. When I do build a system, the customer receives the Windows disc and not a partition on the hard drive for recovering.

I know over the years the idea of a few CD’s or even the massive amount of 1.44 Floppy’s have gone the wayside. This is frustrating to the consumer that re installs the computer often and wants to have the physical discs. I have liked the way laptops have used the special partitions that allow an easy F Key combo usually and  restore the computer to factory specs. Many computer manufacturers have started to do this with desktops however to have your own recovery disc, you need to sit with a backup and create one when your system arrives.

I recently worked on a Dell Inspiron 3847 and was pleased to see the install of a back up and recovery program which allowed me to have the system make a Bootable USB Drive with Restore capabilities. Very Handy and finished rather quickly in making this bootable which can be stored away for a later date!

Laplink’s Anniversary present to You! Today Only! (05/15/2014)

pcmoverboxedI’ve been using Laplink software since the Dos Days and always loved how easy it is to use and complete the task at hand! Celebrating the 31st Anniversary – Laplink is giving away PCmover® Image & Drive Assistant for free for 24 hours only May 15th 2014.

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant is software that can automatically transfer files, settings, and even applications from an old hard drive or image to a new PC without overwriting anything. With the End of Windows XP support and many users wanting to bite the bullet and migrate to Windows 7 or 8.1 – PCmover and Drive Assistant make it possible in many cases to eliminate the need to re-install programs!

With this very nice Anniversary gift to you, Laplink’s is including its 24/7 Free Transfer Assistance. Have an issue or question during the transfer, a certified PC migration expert can be available over the phone or remotely with just one simple call at no cost.

We’ve been testing out PCmover Ultimate and have been impressed at the ease of use and results with the program. Get the full picture with this free software to download for no cost during the 24 hour celebration at

KMSB Fox 11 Segment – GetData Software Retrieval

We’ve probably all had those moments, the ones that make us cringe when we have accidentally deleted a file or wrote over a document we needed. About Ten years ago, the software to perform Data Retrieval was pretty expensive but honestly, a far cry cheaper than sending it to a lab to have it recovered.

While the Data Retrieval Labs today provide an invaluable service for Hard Drives that have been disabled due to mechanical errors, water damages, power problems or even fire – the work they can do in clean room environments is amazing. I will list a few of these Clean Room Companies that can work magic however even though the price has come down for this type of retrieval, it can still be rather pricey.

For those that may have accidentally deleted a file or folder and cleared the recycle bin and want to get it back, there may be a solution for you! GetData is an Australian Company which specializes in Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and tools for Windows. We took a look at their software package which can get you out of these situations when the data has been deleted. The Speed in locating the deleted files was impressive  and a trial version from the company will show the files that have been found, to recover them you would have to purchase the full version.

We also talked about the impending End of Life for Windows XP. As mentioned in this segment if you haven’t thought about migrating out of Windows XP, it’s time! The product was scheduled to end security updates April 8th and when we recorded our segment on KMSB Fox 11, that was the date. Microsoft has looked at the numbers since then and found that migration has still been slow to switch over to Windows 7 or 8 so they have again extended the deadline for Windows XP AntiMalware to July 2015. While I couldn’t find this on the Microsoft Website, I would still recommend to upgrade as soon as possible.

You Don’t have to toss out that Windows XP Laptop or Desktop if you decide to go with a new machine. I have recommended to a few that run mission critical software built on the XP Platform to keep the PC and use it for that purpose.

Here are some Links to Check out! – The Website for the Software from GetData – Find Info on the End of Life for Micrrosoft Windows XP – The Company Kroll On Track which recovers hard drives. – Gillware recovers Data from all types of Storage