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This Weeks Radio Show Now Available!

In this Weeks Radio Show, We talk about the Apple Event 2016 with the Unveiling of the new collaborative iWorks, The Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS and the Series 1 with a lower price point. Although without GPS it’s now available for starting around 269. We also look at Apples Role in Connected Classrooms and why maybe this went in a different direction over the past decade. Apple commits to the ConnectED program which is directing Apple technology to the classroom. We couldn’t talk about the Apple Event and not cover iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, much of the focus is on the lack of a headphone port and not towards the fast processor or dual cameras with some nice features we will see with iOS 10, either way, we discuss this and more in this weeks show!

— Andy

KMSB Fox 11 Segment – Apogee Digital

Every other week Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio visits KMSB Fox 11 to share the latest in Tech and Gadgets for the Consumer and Small Business. In one of our recent segments, Andy talked with Mark Stine about a drive from the Arizona Technology Council to recycle used electronics.

Everything from Big Screen Televisions to Old Computer Towers were recycled in this drive and while the push was on for a set period of time, the effort continues. Check with your local Electronics and Computer dealers on how they can help recycle your older systems.

Locally in the Tucson Area, SWS Electronics and Computers will work with you and recycle your older computers and the Arizona Technology Council may be able to provide an expanded list.

We also shared a very cool product from Apogee Digital for the Desktop which is for recording directly into your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Field Reporting just got a whole bit easier!

Links to check out:

free software to access HFS/Mac file systems

For a limited time, Paragon Software is giving free licenses for HFS for Windows:

“HFS for Windows enables the use of Mac-formatted partitions in Windows operating systems…

“…Windows cannot read from and write to HFS+ partitions. This limits the ability to exchange or share files between Windows and Mac OS X file systems…

“Paragon HFS for Windows is designed to provide full (read and write) access to HFS+ partitions. It can be installed on all versions of Windows…”


“HFS for Windows, the only software that lets you read Apple iPods, Macs and iPad data from a Windows PC…

“If you have an iPod you may probably know that it contains all your music inside some sly hidden folders. When you attach your iPod (excluding Touch models) to the system it can be seen as a simple Removable Flash Drive…”

Even if you don’t need it now, do consider that having this software might be very helpful in the future…

software incompatible with Snow Leopard

Apple has posted information about software that is incompatible with Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Lepopard.

Snow Leopard will prevent some software from opening. And during the installation of Snow Leopard, software could be disabled and moved to a folder for storage (it will be located at the root level of the hard drive, named Incompatible Software).

Software that may not work with Snow Leopard include:
Parallels Desktop, version 2.5 and earlier
McAfee VirusScan (version 8.6)
Norton Antivirus (version 11.0)
AT&T Laptop Connect Card

As we have previously suggested, before you make a major change to the configuration of a computer system…be sure you are prepared for the “worst case scenario”.

New Mac OS days away?

There is lots of chatter on the internet that Apple could release Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 on Friday, August 28.

Here are a couple of links on Apple’s website about Snow Leopard:



“…only Apple OS X Leopard users are eligible for the Snow Leopard upgrade. Tiger & earlier OS users will need to purchase either versions of the upgraded Mac Box Set. Also, Snow Leopard will only run on intel-based Mac computers.”

“…Official release date has not been announced by Apple…”

“You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.”