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Are You a DVR Hoarder?

A recent article found on the Verizon Website points at trends in use for consumers with DVR Service and discovered there are battles brewing over DVR Hoarding in households.  Let’s face it, DVR’s can only store so much and even though OnDemand services may offer the same programs you recorded – having a full season of a favorite show stored on the DVR’s Storage drive is almost as nice as your DVD Collection on display for all to see.

It takes some of us back to the days of Video Cassette Recorders and trying to find a tape to record a special event or show, trying to make the decision to record over a program already recorded on the Video Cassette. Now fellow family members have to decide which shows to delete when they receive the DVR Storage message. At least with DVR technology, a Wedding Video isn’t getting erased.

Even though Hard Drives in DVR Boxes have gotten larger, Cable and Satellite providers have been feeding on consumers desire to record a multitude of channels and in HD which can rack up some serious storage. The battles will rage on as more is done to increase storage and delivery methods. Check out this very interesting article on the Verizon Website 

Another Video Game to Movie BootUp..

Need For Speed
Need For Speed

There are some Video Game titles out there that just scream the need for a movie Boot up. I would gladly fork over the 8 bucks to see a Big Screen Version of the story lines and characters found in Call Of Duty.


In the world of Game to Movie Tie-ins, One of the titles that has been talked about heavily is the big Screen version of Need For Speed!

The Film co-produced by Electronic Arts is Coming to Theaters March 14th 2014.  The film version of Need For Speed Stars Aaron Paul (Jesse – Breaking Bad) as Tobey Marshall, a recently released jail inmate that was setup by his business partner and wrongfully convicted and put away for the crimes. His release means revenge against Dino, his ex partner, played by Dominic Cooper.  The actor most recently seen as Ian Fleming in the BBC presentation of “Fleming”

The Race is on with producers promising big action and great stunts. The Film is directed by Stunt Man turned Director Scott Waugh.