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Tragic Story on the Death of Brian Wood

Yahoo Buzz and other Media Outlets are reporting on the tragic story of the Death of Game Designer Brian Wood. Brian was lead game designer at Relic.

Friday September 3rd, Brian and his Pregnant Wife Erin were on the way to the home they lived at in Washington. A driver coming in the opposite direction crossed into the lane Brian and Erin were in, rather then take this crash head on, Brian steered his vehicle to the right, taking the brunt of the collision which took his life but spared that of his Wife Erin and unborn child.

According to reports, the driver of the other vehicle may have been under the influence of drugs that were found in the vehicle at the time. Two passengers in her vehicle were also killed.

A Trust fund has been set up for the family at The thoughts and prayers from us here at TechtalkRadio extend to Brians family and coworkers.



The Brian Wood Memorial Trust

TechtalkRadio Blog Authors

I’ve had quite a few of you expressing interest in writing for the TechtalkRadio Blog, If you are Interested – drop me a note, give me your shirt size and we’ll talk!  To register for the Blog for Comments or Writing – You will find the registration in the Top Right hand corner of the Page.

We’re looking for stories of your Computing, Installations, Cool Web Sites and Observations on Software, Hardware and The Net. We hope to have Post from Former TechtalkRadio Members and Guest and Cover Every Aspect of Consumer Electronics we can.

If you think nobody wants to read about Linux, think again! We can cover Linux, Mac,  PC and will probably have some post on Remote Computing coming soon. Gamers, Consoles and Mobile Apps are all Spoken here as well!

If you are a writer, a reader or industry person, Thanks for Stopping By!

Friend of the Show – Zach Selwyns New CD

Photo of Pluck Your Twanger CD CoverIt’s Called Pluck Yer Twanger and I know Slick is itching to get a hold of this as well. A Repeat guest on TechtalkRadio, Zach has performed music with Zachariah and the LobosRiders, even had Fergie sing with the group when she went by the name Stacy Ferguson. While we always love to talk with Zach about his G4 Tech TV Days and Attack of The Show, we really just like talking with him. He’s talented, comes from Tucson and is very funny.

The other night on Facebook Zach sent me a note saying hey and was having a “Missing Tucson Moment” and after some chats told me about the new Album. He sent one over and I listened to it this Afternoon, it is pretty darn funny. It certainly isn’t for the young set but delivers some Songs and Skits that I found myself chuckling at frequently!

I have also learned some socially redeaming lessons in life thanks to Zach and his fellow Musicians, Never party with Johnny Knoxville, Limit the amount of Liquids cause the TSA might pop a cap, stay away from Rhianna (and that guys daughter), I could have a future in Announcing Baseball, I’m not the only one who hated dating roulette, Wash all my linens and most of all, Zach’s Album is pretty damn funny!

If you don’t mind the language and themes, check it out to order on his website at

Thanks Zach!