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Periscope – Who’s Watching

A Logo for the Periscope App for Android and iOS
A Logo for the Periscope App for Android and iOS

I’ve heard quite a bit about Periscope over the past few months and finally decided to pull the trigger and see what it’s all about. I like to check out new social media tools when they pop up to see just how different they are with the many options available to us “User Folk”

Periscope can be a total blast and has been built with the concept of “Periscoping” the user experience through the smart phone. Although some of the uses, even myself, have been for engaging interaction among the viewers in a virtual chat room which runs on top of your video while you shoot it – No Editing, It’s all Live.

One of the best uses for the Periscope service was a video I checked out yesterday of a Surfer Mitch Oates ( @lifeatseaphoto ) with his device attached to his surfboard! Great Live Video but a good way to go through phones! There’s another Periscoper that covers just about everything she does, Tasmin Lucia Khan (@Tasmin) riding in cabs, cooking breakfast and putting on makeup..I know, compelling right? Actually she is, the fact she engages the audience is refreshing. We used to do that a lot in Music Radio. ­čÖü

Share It with the world, make it available to select friends and even save it to your camera roll! Just don’t point it at the TV during say “Game of Thrones” or during a Pay Per View event – This has been an Issue in the Past.

Check out Periscope which is owned by Twitter after a nice payout of about $100 Million  dollars (Did Dr. Evil handle that deal?) If you have a Periscope please let us know so we can check it out! Follow us Andy Taylor @techtalkradio

UStream.TV – How To…

I was looking for a way to send a message to all our friends on Ustream.TV at the same time… To remind them of our weekly Wednesday show… I wasn’t quite sure how to do it…

I had received a message from one of our friends on Ustream (Spikehead68)… I went to go reply back… and POOF… there it was… a list of all my friends on Ustream.TV…

In Ustream, I clicked on “Message Box”… then went to “Compose Mail”… highlighted all the friends on my list… composed my message… and was then able to send them all a message at the same time reminding them of the show on Wednesday night…

You learn something new everyday!!

Let me know if anybody needs help on this!!

Getting your Skype onto Ustream

This is a question we get quite a bit however we use a Digital Telephone Hybrid to take calls during the show. We would like to incorporate the use of Skype on our Webcast since once in awhile we broadcast from remote locations and won’t have the ability to take our phone hybrid with us. It really is quite simple and after watching a video demonstration anybody should be able to do it with a secondary microphone and speakers without feedback.

Take a look at this great link as a way to get er done!