Unboxing First Look at the ReoLink2 Home Security Camera

There are so many options on the market for Home Security Cameras which tie into the users router and an App for monitoring activity. We have seen systems with Wi-Fi capabilities as well as rechargeable or removable batteries such as the Arlo which are nice however it does mean having to climb a ladder in some cases to switch those batteries out.

This past week we were offered the opportunity to look at the ReoLink2 which not only features a rechargeable battery but can also be tied to and inexpensive mini solar panel for power! Below is our Unboxing of the ReoLink2 Camera and Solar Panel provided by Reolink for Review.

Catching up on Show Post!

We are still catching up on Posting Audio from our Shows! We apologize for the delays! Here is the Latest offering with Episode #112

Episode  112 – The Old Man and the Kid

In this Weeks Show, It’s Age verse beauty as Andy shares info on listeners that stopped by to visit during a broadcast radio remote to extend compliments on Justin’s contribution to the show. Listeners shared how they enjoyed the youth which Justin brings to the show along with his insight on Video Games. Justin shares some of the finer points of Fortnight and why this large multiplayer game has become so popular. PUBG, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Battle Royale is also a latest trend in gaming that has become super popular. Watching some of these gamers play via Twitch and Facebook Live is also fun to check out. Justin recommends Dr Disrespect and Stone Mountain 64.   Should Andy still feel like a Dolt for having Clash of Clans installed on his Smart Phone?  The guys share a few dangers of giving your devices or allowing the Young Un’s to play games with In Game Purchases. Just how much money is involved in these games to play and to win? Nintendo has a winner with the Switch and why Nintendo believes there could be a Switch in every household.

The Facebook cycle, how relevant is the Social media network and why have the younger ages begun to move away from the platform. Are the numbers truly representative of where Facebook is in today’s place? Will Snapchat continue to grow or is that platform also a potential victim of disinterest? Justin and Andy talk about the importance of the delivery of the content and why the recent changes to the Facebook platform feed along with the Snapchat overhaul could damage the returning of users.  With all of the changes, Instagram could be also changing the notifications with users Screen Capturing photos.  In the Social media world, Twitter silently turns a profit after 12 years! Is having a website still important to business? Can having a Unique URL still be possible?

Friend of the show Andy Marken returns with a report about the Sundance Film Festival and the demand for more content from film makers. Many film makers understand the art of delivering documentary and compelling film delivering factual and fictional stories however may not understand the art of distribution. Where does services such as YouTube, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix play into the ability for filmmakers to produce and continue to develop projects.  Andy Marken also shares the growth of Virtual Reality and how that will play into the future of media.

Justin has this week’s Website of the Week; US Debt Clock shows the amount of Debt  the US is going through by second in the many different areas. http://www.usdebtclock.org  Andy in the meantime pulls up a website full of dad jokes. http://www.tellmedadjokes.com

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New Show Posted – Goldfish Teeth and Rabbit Ears

Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme

In this Weeks Show, Justin and Andy discuss the location of another Amazon facility and how both Tucson and Denver would love to have the company locate to their respective cities. With the numbers of Porch Thefts after deliveries increasing, the guys share some solutions on accepting deliveries. Justin shares info on a company, http://www.thepackageguard.com however isn’t sure on the practicality of the device. Andy shares some info on a service from the Postal servicehttp://www.informeddelivery.usps.com

Andy shares a campaign for Paper, Packaging and traditional card sending called How Life Unfolds http://www.howlifeunfolds.com Bill sends a question in regarding Roku vs. Amazon Fire Stick, He is looking for an option to put a browser on the device. Andy affirms he listens to Justin with his recent move to Bitcoin, purchase of Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Prime. Did you get a new 4k Television? How can you check out 4k Content? The My Pillow Guy is amazing in High Definition. 

Sue asks for help in cutting the Cord and wants to understand the proper antenna for watching channels over the air. Justin shares the Site TV Fool, http://www.tvfool.com which can help answer some of the questions in regards to what you could watch with the proper antenna.

Andy discusses the Google Pixel 2 XL provided by Verizon and some of the great features. Concern over the Heat generated while charging the device as well as stories of OLED Burn in. The iPhone X is here and most of the reviews are positive with emphasis on the camera and speed. Why are people smashing them? iOS 11.1 has an issue with typing the letter I, (This Week Apple issued a fix) – A Quick fix was to turn of Auto Correct. Do you use Emojis? When are they Appropriate? A New Luxury hotel designed for the Gamer in Taiwan! This could cause some issues on Honeymoons.

Andy is Angry at Laptop manufacturers that have elected to remove user serviceable areas for Hard Drive upgrades and Memory. Even with this information, this is considered one of the best times to purchase a laptop and digital cameras.

Our Website of the week is just for curious fun, Spend Bill Gates Money! http://www.neal.fun/spend

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Updates Coming!

Ok first I apologize because honestly, there haven’t been any updates for awhile. I recently took on some new duties for Westwood One and getting into the swing of things and learning has been all consuming but fun. So with that said, I have started to post the Audio from Shows, 9/16 and 9/02 are posted so please give a listen and check them out.

We had a great show this weekend although without Justin, Talked with Brittney from Accessory Power about the GoGroove DSLR Camera Bags, Wirecast 8 is here – talked with Telestream about that and our buddy Scott from AT&T visited to talk about the new devices and plans from AT&T.

We will have the Audio up later today! Also coming are the Interview Sections AND the Segments from KMSB Fox 11 on our YouTube Page! Phew – Thanks for hanging with us and some great new content coming soon!