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Windows 10 until July; dead, and on Facebook/Twitter/Google; SSD vs. HDD

A reminder…

“Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for compatible devices that are running genuine Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update.

“The free upgrade is a full version of Windows (not a trial or introductory version) and is available until July 29, 2016. Once you upgrade, you’ll have Windows 10 for free on that device.”



We discussed the possibilities of what can happen to social networking accounts of people who are dead. Here are some webpages that might be helpful to browse:

Downloading Your Info – How can I download my information from Facebook?

How do I report a deceased person or an account that needs to be memorialized?
Verified immediate family members may request the removal of a loved one’s account from Facebook.

Downloading your Twitter archive…allows you to browse a snapshot of your Twitter information, starting with your first Tweet.

Export a copy. – Create an archive with your data from Google products.

Inactive Account Manager
Decide what happens to your content if you stop using your account.  (Google)

Submit a request regarding a deceased user’s account (Google)

What Happens to Your Social Media Profiles When You Die?

7 Resources for Handling Digital Life After Death


Some solid-state drives can fail at similar rates to standard platter-type drives. And some have been found to be better than others…

Failure Rate by Manufacturer: “…HGST drives the lowest…”

Flash Reliability in Production: The Expected and the Unexpected

“…We study a wide range of reliability characteristics and come to a number of unexpected conclusions…Comparing with traditional hard disk drives, flash drives have a significantly lower replacement rate in the field, however, they have a higher rate of uncorrectable errors.”

Death and Facebook…

It’s that subject that nobody really wants to talk about however it is something that is being addressed and can provide a little piece of mind to Facebook Users on what happens to a users Facebook account when the unfortunate happens. Today, Facebook introduced what they are calling Legacy Contacts.

Users can easily choose a legacy contact, either a member of the family or a friend that can manage the account of a Facebook User when that user passes away. Again, a great deal of trust would need to be exercised as that person has the power to notify of the passing, Facebook will then Memorialize the account and allow the Legacy Contact Chosen to “Write a post to display at the top of the memorialized Timeline (for example, to announce a memorial service or share a special message), Respond to new friend requests from family members and friends who were not yet connected on Facebook Update the profile picture and cover photo.”

According to a release from Facebook, The legacy contact will not be able to log in as the person who passed away or see that person’s private messages. Facebook staff has stated this was done after talking to members who experienced loss and wanted to offer more to those grieving than the basic memorialized viewable only accounts offered in the past.

All of this is not required and the option is also available for Facebook Users to elect to just have the account deleted upon their passing. This is all coordinated through the settings tab, then the security tab. Users will see Legacy Contacts as pictured in our screen capture this morning.

Facebook Capture of Legacy Contacts
Facebook Screen Capture of Legacy Contacts

The Service according to Facebook is launched in the United States first and is hopefull to expand to more countries over time.

No internet July 9…for some…

(I apologize: this post is LONG overdue. I have been actively battling other malware, which kept me too busy to warn you earlier about this one…)

July 9, if you have trouble with the internet…don’t be surprised:

Lots of computers, “servers”, that help to make the internet work were infected.

“The clean DNS servers will be turned off on July 9, 2012, and computers still impacted by DNSChanger may lose Internet connectivity at that time.”

From as many computers as you can, I want you to do some things:

Go to the “DNS Changer Check-Up” website at http://dns-ok.us/ . If the computer is infected with DNS changer malware, you might see a red background…

Next, consider going to http://www.dcwg.org/detect/ and read the section “Manually Checking if your DNS server have been Changed”.

Facebook and Google are trying to help with this problem. You can read more about it at these webpages:



To try to help you not become infected in the future, take a look at http://www.stopbadware.org/home/badware_prevent

It’s best to use the latest and greatest operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etcetera), and keep all of your software (and hardware) updated. But you also need to be careful when using technology, and the internet and other services you connect to.

Jigsaw Puzzle Game, The M, Coming to iPhone (April 14th)

I recieved a press release about a new game for iPhones…


Jigsaw Puzzle Game, The M, Coming to iPhone April 14th

…you get to choose from a 16-piece or 25 piece puzzle…you can choose a jigsaw mode or a slider puzzle mode…you can choose the difficulty level of the game. With the difficulty level increasing, other challenges are added to make the puzzling more fun. The rotation option was added to the jigsaw mode which allows you to change the direction of the puzzle pieces making the puzzle a little more complicated to solve.  You may have to try a few spots, rotating the pieces a couple of times, until you find where the puzzle piece fits.


…You just slide the puzzle pieces around the board.  When the puzzle is finished, you’ll be able to see how long it took to solve it…



The M will be available in the App Store for 99 cents.  Though there is also a FREE version, this version does have ads that pop up each time you play a puzzle.  When this happens, you have to touch the ad, then touch skip…

The game comes complete with OpenFeint and the ability to log into Facebook and brag about your scores…a series of major updates are in the queue to keep your gaming fresh and fun in the future.


The Facebook Effect, book review

“The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company that is Connecting the World”
By David Kirkpatrick

book cover

The website “Thefacebook” was created in 2004 (February 4) at Harvard University.  It has become what we know today as “Facebook”…

On page seven, it is explained that:  “…The Facebook Effect happens when the service puts people in touch with each other…about a common experience, interest, problem, or cause…”

The book begins with the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s arrival at Harvard, and an initial computer project he designed that would lead to the beginnings of the type of service Facebook has become.

If you’re interested in the history of social networking, there is a lot of information in (chapter three of) the book about it:  services that were, and are, in this category….some of them no longer exist, some do…how others have matured from what they were, to what they are…

As I’m reading the book, I’m seriously considering NOT watching the upcoming movie “The Social Network”.  I can’t imagine that I will appreciate it because I expect the movie to take some artistic liberties in its presentation of events, as other similar movies have.  I guess I’m more interested in facts than drama…

There’s much explanation about how Facebook was financed.  A lot I don’t understand, but anyone interested in how business investement can be done should enjoy the depictions of how some funding was courted…and others discouraged.

For me, some of the major timeline markers of the evolution of Facebook are:

  • changing from “Thefacebook” to “Facebook” (2005 September 20)…
  • when it began, Thefacebook was designed to service college students…in the fall of 2005, it allowed students in high school to use the service…
  • in May of 2006, Facebook was opened to businesses and companines including the military…
  • September 26th (2006), Facebook launched open registration which allowed the general public to become members…
  • and (as of 2009) Facebook is the world’s largest photo site, besting Flickr.

After reading halfway through the book, it becomes less “sexy” to me.  There’s a lot of great information in it about the organism of Facebook…the people in the company, and how they have functioned together…but after long periods of reading I am reminded of Charlie Brown’s teacher (what I take-away is in a haze of information, scenarios, and stories).  I don’t think it’s the writing…my perception is probably enhanced by the circumstances under which I am reading the book…

[After learning about the movie “The Social Network”, and the “The Facebook Effect”, I wanted to review this book and have my review available (at least a week) before the movie was in theaters.  The week before the movie was released, I needed to spend an entire week attempting to salvage data from old hard drives.  When I was able to return to reading, it seemed that all the stuff that held my attention had been read…and, with only a few days left before the release of the film, I found myself trudging through the book.]

There are a lot of great descriptions of how Facebook came to be, and where it may go.  Take your time digesting this book.  Some of what is in it can come in handy in the future if you are in similar situations and need to consider what actions to take, and how to react to issues of a beginning and growing organization.

On page 340 I found the “Notes” section:  notes that pertain to pages I have read.  As I was reading, I did not see ANY footnote markings, so you need to be aware of this BEFORE you being to read so you can consider referring to this “Notes” section as you go along (to see if any of the notes enhance the section you are reading).  My preference is to have the “Notes” section at the beginning of the book so I know it’s there, and can refer to it as I am reading the book…