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Bloviating about batteries


During our November 21 show we discussed care and useage of batteries.


Belief, experience, and science can influence how someone decides on the best way to configure their electronic devices. Here is some information that may help you determine your preferred way to use batteries.

From HP:
Should I fully charge the battery before I use the computer?
No. Lithium ion batteries are more efficient than nickel based rechargeable batteries and go through a formation process during manufacturing. They do not require the initial loading prior to use.

From Dell:
16. Should I completely discharge my battery before I charge it?
No, with current lithium ion batteries this practice does not improve the runtime of the battery. This practice is a holdover from the days in which NiMH batteries were used.

From Microsoft:
Use your battery to keep it fresh. Don’t keep your computer plugged in all the time. It’s a good idea to discharge and then recharge your laptop battery about once a month. Also, you should let your battery run down before you recharge it.

And from Cadex, a company that “has been recognized as a world leader in battery testing”, is a website named Battery University…which is referred to by various peers of mine.