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The MOS Organizer – Magnetic Organization System

The MOS Organizer
The Magnetic Organization System

Cables, Cables, Cables!! It seems that we can never get rid of our cables. They probably wouldn’t be that much of an issue if they didn’t always seem to fall behind the desk or turn into a mountain of spaghetti. Cable organizing devices have come along that usually place the cables out of site and still require some fumbling to find them when needed. That’s where Andrew Adams and Greg Peterson put their concept to work on Kickstarter.

The MOS or Magnetic Organization System helps eliminate cable and cord clutter with its base made up of a stylish anodized aluminum that can be wall mounted or set on the top of a desk to easily access the cord needed. Two other options in the MOS look is  a white plastic or black plastic base. A fine example of the use of the MOS is the plug in of a cell phone device to transfer files to the computer. No having to fumble through a desk or finding the right cable, this MOS device easily helps eliminate the frustrations of cable mess!

Priced at around 25 bucks the MOS also ships with 3 color coordinated ties which can be used on the cables without a great deal of metal in the base. The MOS is one of those devices that will sit on the desk, you may not think about it much once it’s in use however you will likely appreciate what it “brings to the table!” My only concern is to remind this is a magnetic device. While it can sit on your desk, preferably not under your monitor, you will want to keep your cell phones and other electronics clear of this. It certainly looks good on the desktop and more projects are funding through Kickstarter to bring these items from Andrew and Greg to manufacturing.

For more information on the Magnetic Organization System, take a look at http://www.mosorganizer.com

The Kickstarter Project can be found at this link