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Bloviating about batteries


During our November 21 show we discussed care and useage of batteries.


Belief, experience, and science can influence how someone decides on the best way to configure their electronic devices. Here is some information that may help you determine your preferred way to use batteries.

From HP:
Should I fully charge the battery before I use the computer?
No. Lithium ion batteries are more efficient than nickel based rechargeable batteries and go through a formation process during manufacturing. They do not require the initial loading prior to use.

From Dell:
16. Should I completely discharge my battery before I charge it?
No, with current lithium ion batteries this practice does not improve the runtime of the battery. This practice is a holdover from the days in which NiMH batteries were used.

From Microsoft:
Use your battery to keep it fresh. Don’t keep your computer plugged in all the time. It’s a good idea to discharge and then recharge your laptop battery about once a month. Also, you should let your battery run down before you recharge it.

And from Cadex, a company that “has been recognized as a world leader in battery testing”, is a website named Battery University…which is referred to by various peers of mine.


Samsung Galaxy 6 edge+ phone is fantastic!

Periscope, Rdio, Wurrly, the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note5 were discussed on a television segment with Andy.  (And he didn’t even say “Hi” to me…)

When he wasn’t looking, I was able to use the phones…enjoyed watching live streaming videos…made some long distance calls (that I never paid for)…took some “selfies” (that I hope my mother never finds out about)…

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Reach-out to your stolen phone

Your electronic device has been stolen…are you able to recover it?  Maybe…


There was an incident where an Apple MacBook was stolen, but it was able to be returned to it’s owner because of an application named Hidden:

“Hidden tracks your computer’s location, takes real time photos of the thief and screenshots of them using your computer…

“Hidden is a small application which sits idle on your computer until you need it. When your computer gets stolen simply login to your online Tracking Control Panel and mark your computer as stolen. Hidden will kick into action and locate your stolen computer anywhere on the planet, collect photos of the thief and screen shots of the computer in use.”


If your phone is stolen, you might be able to get it back.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a service for Android devices.  It now has a feature called “Mugshot”:  the front-facing camera can now be activated remotely.  Images can be sent to an e-mail account, or viewed from the web-based control center.

Through the new web-based control center, owners can also:
Remotely lock their missing smartphone to secure personal information
Remotely wipe sensitive information from their missing smartphone
Remotely locate their lost or stolen smartphone using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi, and Google Maps
Review logs of recent activities, such as their status and the results of any commands sent to the phone, or the installation of a new SIM card

Kaspersky Mobile Security also includes protection from spam, viruses, and spyware.

The link for the product is http://usa.kaspersky.com/products-services/home-computer-security/mobile-security?domain=kaspersky.com


Review: “C6 Screen Cleaners”

So…I get an e-mail message…

“…The new carbon-based cleaning system won’t damage your expensive glass and revolutionizes the way people clean their lenses…”

Yeah. Whatever.

It arrived…and I am…impressed!

The Carson Optical “C6 Screen Cleaners” press release states: “…The dry compound bonds with the oils left behind by your skin, then simply wipes away leaving a sparkling clean surface.” I also received a pack of two of the CS-50. They look like USB flash drives that you can put on lanyards, but the pad is retractable into the casing.

I always carry clean handkerchiefs…in Arizona, you sweat (a lot). I also use them to clean my reading glasses, and sunglasses. And, I’ve been satisfied with using them to clean glass-like surfaces and screens. OK. Let me see how good this thing is…gone! I used one and ALL of the greasy, streaky, smudgy stuff on the touchscreen of my phone was gone! It’s clean…it’s clear…I’m shocked.

CS-50 – Screen Cleaners, 2-pack. Cleaning system for tablets & smart phones

(The CS-60 is designed to be used with tablet computers…at the time of this writing, I cannot find it on their website.)

The CS-10, CS-20, and CS-40 are similar to the shape and sizes of markers. CS-30, CS-70, and CS-80 are packages of disposable cleaners….the CS-70 also includes a brush for use with camera and binocular lenses.

Yep…this stuff works.  You might want to get a couple and keep in your pocket, purse, or bag…