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From CES in Las Vegas…baby!

This is our “January 9” show, where many who were at CES came to talk to us…

The GoSun Stove works in conditions where “almost no weather is off limits”. It can cook with temperatures reaching above 550 degrees fahrenheit (290 degrees celsius). And steam, bake, roast, boil, and fry meals in as short a time as 20 minutes.

Plantronics was promoting two headsets: one intended for consumer use, and the other for business environments.

ili presented the world’s first wearable translator…that does not need connection to the internet:  ili has an internal operating system within the device. And (for now) can translate English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Jeff Jury of DTS discusses the benefits of HD Radio.

And we learn more about the owner and producer of CES, which is “The Consumer Technology Association”. The mission statement of the CTA “is to grow the consumer technology industry”. They are involved in encouraging business and strategic relationships, market research, industry promotion, and other issues that affect areas related to technology.

Now available to radio stations everywhere!

Our debut show for the GLN Radio Network!

Why it may be best to not watch the Star Wars movies in numerical order, or by order of their releases…

How much would a “top of the line” Mac Pro, with monitor, cost? (More. More. Think much more…)

On S!ick’s Christmas wishlist…a Chromebook with an i5 processor: the Acer Chromebook 15 C910 (with an Intel Core i5-5200U Dual-core 2.20 GHz).


There is a class action which may relate to you…

Docket Number:

Filing Deadline:
Thursday, February 18, 2016

“You may be eligible if you live in the US and purchased Extended Download Service for Norton products or Norton Download Insurance between January 24, 2005, and March 10, 2011.”


Notes from our November 28 show…

We discussed what can happen when you trust software and services more than you should have…

We also mentioned “UEFI”…which is the “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface”. Some information from UEFI.org might help to understand its function…

“…the BIOS refers to a specific implementation of the firmware that initializes the platform and loads an OS setup.”

“BIOS is typically used to refer to an Intel Architecture firmware implementation rooted in the IBM PC design. Based on older standards and methods, BIOS was originally coded in 16-bit real mode x86 assembly code…”

“…UEFI specifications define an interface in which the implementation of UEFI performs the equivalent of the BIOS, by initiating the platform and loading the operating system.”

“…UEFI is ‘processor architecture-agnostic,’ supporting x86, x64, ARM and Itanium.”

“…the Specification supports a more secure system, a faster boot time, improved performance…With regard to security, UEFI Secure Boot helps defend against malware attacks before the operating system loads.”


And if you ever need to install Windows 10, the information on how to download and install it can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10