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GAO Office report on WiFi in Aircraft – Could it be secure?

As more of us want the freedom to use WiFi and services while we fly, yesterday’s GAO Report can be a bit scary as far as Security and Safety when traveling on Commercial Aircraft. The Threat is realized and movement to find a safer more secure system is working.

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New Sprint Service Comes to you!

Wcar01_smallith the 1st Roll-out of the New Sprint Direct 2 You service today in Kansas City and 2nd and 3rd planned for Chicago and Miami, the potential for Jobs and a better experience when transferring your phone data – Sprint believes we could see up to 5000 Direct 2 You positions created by the end of the year.

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Sprint brings Broadband to your iPod Touch

Photo of the ZTE Peel
Connect your iPod Touch Device

For those of us that love our iPod Touch but dislike the task of not having a Wi-Fi hotspot always available or wanting to use the features while traveling, Sprint has unveiled today a solution for your tethering woes. The new ZTE Peel gives users the ability to put the iPod Touch in a cradle and connect with the Sprint 3G service over Wireless Broadband.

The idea is really a nice one as we may already have Cell service with Sprint but also enjoy our iPod Touch. Now, with the Peel, we can have it all. The device specs state that the cradle will work with second or third generation iPod Touch devices and will also be able to connect to another device while cradling the Apple iPod Touch to provide another Wi-Fi Connection. Have a laptop that needs your own hotspot? You’ll be able to provide you own. This is extremely handy for businesses that don’t have Wi-Fi Hotspots. If the user is in a Hotspot area, Wi-Fi Compatibility can also be handled with the 802.11B and 802.11G Standard without having to uncradle the iPod Touch.

The Peel features a 900 mAH Li-Ion Battery which will give the user about 3 hours of active use time. The product is not officially endorsed by Apple but is compatible with Wi-Fi services for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. The service plan for the broadband which is up to 1GB transfer on the 3G network with no contract, $29 bucks and the ZTE Peel itself will be available for around $79 dollars. Sprint stores should be carrying the Peel starting the 14th of November.

A Photo of the Peel from Behind
Sprints solution for Broadband over the iPod Touch

We also like the fact that owners of iPod Touch device may also be able to utilize third party apps from just about anywhere a broadband connection is available which could include voice type apps!

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